Summer war: the best crystal jewelry and style to try of this summer,

crystal jewelry

Welcome to the final part of Crystal jewelry ‘Summer war: the best and style to try of this summer.’ In this series of articles, we introduce you to best fashion to try out in this summer that will make you look absolutely hot! (Pun is very well-intended). Continuing from the late article, this is the last trick to help you!




   Finally, but, of course, never the least important, shoes, essential complement and always able to give the maximum style to any good look (however simple it may be). The colors of this season and the explosion of color also reach our feet, which this summer cry out for metallic sandals, a basic on catwalks and trends.

   In addition, the classic dancers, who do not lose a bit of strength as a star complement to achieve a casual style, or one of the most sought-after shoes of the season, sandals with all kinds of beads and pompoms, embroidery and tassels, which combine with full success bright colors with different materials to achieve a boho and Mediterranean style.


crystal jewelry


Nor can we forget the typical esparto flat espadrilles, both traditional style and with ribbons, braided wicker wedges for our beachy looks or for a walk at sunset, of the platforms in its XXL format or, of course, of the Roman sandals, which seem to refuse to completely abandon our feet for another season.

   And alert trend! The mules begin to glimpse like the fashionable shoe. Yes, even if it seems as if you were going out in slippers to the street, if you are a trend junkie you will end up giving up a pair of flat mules undercut. The clogs are also reinvented, and we can find exciting proposals, both from large firms and in its low-cost version. wholesale ring


crystal jewelry

 The sneakers and sports shoes, which do not leave us in summer, are dyed with floral prints, color, and even rhinestones. And, of course, don’t forget the beach code, where the queens of the sand will always be the flip flops. To avoid giving up the style, opt for original and colorful designs that will not leave you indifferent.




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   With all these ideas, you have to find a good plan, fill your suitcase with an explosion of color in accessories and accessories and enjoy what, you never know, maybe the best summer of your life.